Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Creating the SharePoint Silverlight Slideshow

I have the requirement like provide the training for new joinees in our organization.After finishing the slides the user need to attend the test.Bcz due to Microsoft network access permission associate should finished 3 exams.
For this requirement i suggest to choose the following ways.
The following link is outofbox feature by WSS3.0.

The following has developed using Silverlight.

For more details use the following link

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Patterns and Practices -> SharePoint Guidance

A well documented guidance around SharePoint Products and Technologies.
You can read more on the guidance here:
This guidance discusses the following:
-Architectural decisions about patterns, feature factoring, and packaging.
-Design tradeoffs for common decisions many developers encounter, such as when to use SharePoint lists or a database to store information.
-Implementation examples that are demonstrated in the Training Management application and in the QuickStarts.
-How to design for testability, create unit tests, and run continuous integration.
-How to set up different environments including the development, build, test, staging, and production environments.
-How to manage the application life cycle through development, test, deployment, and upgrading.
-Team-based intranet application development.