Friday, March 20, 2009

How to Create a quiz application using Survey template in SharePoint 2007?

Using "Survey" list template, I recently created a quizzing application. In my application I have a list with Question s, choices and answers. Using some object model I was able to make use of the SharePoint survey list template to organize a quiz within our organization.
I inherit some of the functionality from the following link. Sridhar has gave a start up idea for my requirement.
Using his tool I am able to create a Demo Exam to attend the employee. I am imitating the permissions to the lists from Sridhar.
Well, in the code, the Read/Write Securities for the survey list are set to 2, which means "Users have Read access only to items that they create" and "Write only my items" respectively. However, once a user answers all questions and submits the quiz, he/she can ‘t attend the test again.
Here the results are declare immediately.
The results are storing in a separate list . In that I am maintaining Employee Name, Date of attempt, Score. For this I am using ItemAdded Event handler.
I am creating a feature for this.


Malcolm McCaffery said...

do you have any code sample? i'm trying to achieve the same thing

Ravi said...

HI naveed.....
we can also create quize application by using spd..
here is the link for that..

Hope this is will help u more.
Ravishankar Singh

john wood said...

Nice post. I like to see more by your end. Keep it up.
Survey Templates

Kiran Joshya said...

Information was good, I like your post.
Looking forward for more on this topic.
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