Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Variations in MOSS2007

From Last few months i have been working on WCM features for one of the world class intranet portal. Especially on PageLayouts for publishing article pages,List templates,Site Definition ,Conent Types,WebParts,Social sites from NewsGator and Variations.
In this post I would like to explain how to implement multilingual on MOSS.
1. Open the Site Settings of the top-level site and click on Variation Settings.
2. On the Variation Settings page

3. In the Site Settings page, click now on Variation Labels.
A. Click New Label and create the source label.
B. Enter English as the label name.
C. Set English as the display name.
D. Set the local to English (United States)
E. Check Set this variation to be the source variation.
F. Select appropriate site template
(In the below screencast we are using custom site definition)
G. Click OK.

4. Like that we r using 10 variation Labels

Based on the profile settings and browser settings default locale page would open.User can select required language based on the user control

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