Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Pics on Winner Legue 09 function!

Winner Legue 09 function has happend on Nov09.
The actual link is
I would like to add few pics on this board.


Kalaravi said...

Hi naveed,

This is kalaravi. First of all thanks for publishing very nice posts on SharePoint.

I'm one of the guys who has come to attend the interview @HCL, hyderabad but left for the day without attending as it got late. Hope you got me...

I have a small doubt for which i need clarification.

What is the difference between spweb.ALLOWUNSAFEUPDATES and Spsecurity.RUNWITHELEVATEDPRIVILEGES?

On what context can i use spweb.ALLOWUNSAFEUPDATES?

Can u pls explain with an example?

Thanks in advance

ADmin said...

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